Чёрный остров 2017

Смотреть Конг Остров черепа 2017 онлайн в хорошем качестве бесплатноНазвание книги: Чёрный остров 2017
Страниц: 150
Год: 2013
Жанр: Отечественная

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О книге «Чёрный остров 2017»

“Every decision I made was guided by the idea that (a letdown) would never happen again.

I think we made the right changes for that to be the case.”Last year’s Bourbon County release became a test run of sorts, about dialing in practice and procedures.

Among them was the introduction of flash pasteurization to kill any unwanted bacteria.

Goose Island also tightened its standards for acquiring used bourbon barrels.

As industry competition to get barrels has become ever more fierce, the brewery had largely taken whatever was available, even dry or recoopered barrels. The scope has been narrowed to “fresh” barrels that haven’t been rinsed and are still wet with whiskey.

I think it’ll be a really fun beer to see how it changes over a couple of years.”Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout Made each year with a different coffee bean, this year’s vintage will evoke years past by employing Intelligentsia’s Black Cat espresso, which was also used in the first-ever Bourbon County coffee, in 2010.

Jankoski says: “Black Cat is really robust and nicely integrated into the beer.”Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout Now we’re getting to the fun stuff.

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  • Не скажу, что от книги в восторге, героиня достала своими метаниями, но на раз подойдет

  • Applause Благодарность, классная серия книг)))
    Читается очень легко, Прочла за 1 день, редко так затягивают книги)))Perfectly

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